Vince Lavender

 Lobster pot tree, Emsworth

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   Events Diary 2018
 January 2019  
 Holiday and stocktaking. However,  Still Available Online.
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 February  9th 2019
 Crasft Fair, Emsworth, Community Centre.
Sat 10.00 to 14.00
 March 1st to March 8th 2019
 Photoshoot in Finland
  Limited contact via email only 
 March 14th to April 30th
 Cruise to Far East on Queen Victoria.
 Limited contact via email only
 May 4th, 5th and 6th 
 Emsworth, Arts Trail.    Slipper Sailing Club
Artists on the Quay
 10.00 17.00 (second w/e only).
 June 1st and 2nd
  Floral Fringe Fair,   Amberley Museum
 10.00 till 17.00
 June 8th
  Crasft Fair, Emsworth, Community  Cenre
  Sat only, 10.00 to 14.00     
 June 11th to 16th
 Mini Exibition at The Oxmarket Gallery, Chichester.
June 22nd and 23rd
New Forest Exhibition, Lyndhurst Gallery
 July  14th (Sunday)
  Weald and Downland Museum, Rare breeds Show.
10. 00 to 5.00 pm.
 August 4th (Saturday)
  Crasft Fair, Emsworth, Community Centre. 
 August 13th to 25th
  Exhibition and Sale at The Oxmarket Gallery Chichester. 
 10..0 till 17.00 closed Mondays.
 August 24th to 28th
  Emsworth Artists Summer Exhibition
 The Community Centre Emsworth
 Aug 26th (Bank Hol) 
  Emsworth Horticultural Show  (Bank Hol Monday only)
  10.00 till 17.00 Monday only 
 October 12th (Saturday)
 Craft Fair, Emsworth Community Centre
 1 pm0.00 till 2.00
  Nov 23rd /24th/ 25th  
  Weald and Downland Museum,  Christmas Fair, 
   10.00 to 16.00  Not now attending
 Tuesday 3rd to Sunday 21st  December 2019
  Oxmarket Gallery, Christmas Exhibition
10.00  to 4.30 pm.
Not open Mondays
 December 14th Sat
 Xmas Craft Fair, Emsworth Community Centre
 10.00 to 2.00pm. Not now attending
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Further Dates To Be Advised.